Our service consists of :

Our service consists of :

  • transfers of pasangers from/to airports, bus or train stations, hotels, etc.
  • transfers from/to your Croatian or foreign destination
  • transfers to ski centers, shopping malls or well known tourist destinations
  • transfers to music concerts, sports events, etc...

Time of departure/arrival will be adjusted as per your needs.
Let us take care about your transport and we will provide you with safe and pleasant ride with acceptable price. Need low cost Split transfers to the city or direct to your hotel? Shuttle Direct offers great prices on Split airport transfers to the city centre.
Whether you need private Split transfers or a shared taxi, Halo taxi service is quick, easy, reliable and at a great price.

Why not book your Split airport transfers with us now!

Halo taxi provides a simple and efficient airport transportation service, operating 7 days a week between airport and nearby cities.

  • Split airport taxi ride
  • Shopping taxi drives
  • Tourist destinations
  • Single passanger
  • Croatia and abroad
  • Taxi to ski resorts
  • Multiple passangers (8+1)
  • Best affordable prices